Simon Jozani

Chief Visionary Officer

Ian Roy

Chief Strategy Officer

Yasmine Elkady

Chief Operating Officer

Michael Curran

Chief Marketing Officer

Emma Burger

Director of Employee Engagement

Hayden Moser

Director of Partner Experience

Elle Ervin

Director of Operations

Toni Tabieros

Director of Benefits

Taysha Bigley

Director of Utilization Review

Amber Truesdell

Director of Charges

Vie Nguyen

Director of Claims Resolution

Larissa Miranda

Director of Compliance

Carla Martinez

Director of Accounts Receivable

Stephanie Humphrey

Director of Credentialing

Mireya Cintora

Director of Special Projects

Anthony Ferrigno

Experience Executive

Andrew Ulloa

Experience Executive

Jasmine Pennala

Executive Assistant

Bella Jozani

Director of Pawsitivity

Runa Roy

Director of Security

Hobbes Roy